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Controlling a Dog's Thick Coat

Ask local groomers about a de-shedding treatment. Petsmart's Furminator treatment works great. It uses a de-shed shampoo, Furminator brand solution/conditioner that loosens up the undercoat and a good blow out with a velocity dryer (no heat, just air) and more brushing time. I use it on my Golden mix, who is shedding pretty bad right now about every 4-6 weeks. works great. And it looks especially good if you get them to trim (neaten) your dog up all over (belly trim, rear, feathers etc.) sure ill get flamed for it for even mentioning it, but as well as it works, im still considering cutting Mugen down again this year. i only did last year because he was in awful shape, but as much as he sheds and is hot, i feel he was more comfortable last year. Many many people in the summer cut their goldens down. Not something we advise, but people seem to love it...cut them down a couple times in the summer, return next year, do it all over again, and i have yet to see one that didnt grow back right. (and I dont mean bald them... Used to be that a # 7 (about 3mm) was the normal summer cut, lately though we have a new thing that leaves it about 9 mm and looks GREAT. again, not trying to persuade you to do it, just that it is an option and that if you did it it wouldnt be the end of the world.

Amanda D., owner of a American Pit Bull Terrier mix

I love my Furminator and deshedding shampoo

I have the Furminator and it came with a free bottle of waterless deshedding shampoo and conditioner. My American Staffordshire Terrier is a big shedder and it works, I love it. We have had it for a couple of months and it really makes a difference. We are now using it once a month. My dog loves it when I use it on him. He will just sit there until I am finished.

Janet B., owner of a American Staffordshire Terrier

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