Great Dane Dogs

Great Danes combine robust strength with a refined dignity. In the home and around the yard, you’ll find them uniquely gifted with mental and physical strengths. Truly gentle giants, Great Danes are loving, affectionate and pleasant companions that like nothing better than to hang around the house with the family.

Great Dane

Great Dane Pictures

  • Great Dane dog named mojo
  • Great Dane dog named Techno
  • Great Dane dog named Shadow
  • Great Dane dog named Brutus
  • Great Dane dog named Masha - In loving memory
  • Great Dane dog named Cooper
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Quick Facts

  • 110 - 175 pounds
  • 31 - 36 inches

Ideal Human Companions

    • Singles
    • Active, sporty types
    • Families with older children
    • Strong people

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Trademark Traits

    • Large and commanding
    • Noble and dignified
    • Lovable
    • Easygoing
    • Stubborn

What They Are Like to Live With

Brave and loyal, they make great watchdogs in spite of the fact that they don’t bark very much. They will bark, however, if an intruder enters the house, but it’s their size and strength that will be most intimidating.

Great Danes are great with children. Some may need a firm hand—simply because their size can be a little unwieldy around the house—but once trained they can be steady and dependable pets.

Things You Should Know

When getting a Great Dane, you must consider the obvious: These are enormous creatures. While not particularly aggressive or domineering—they are often quite mellow—Great Danes can cause damage to gardens and furniture. Train them from an early age, and always be sure to remind them who’s in charge. This will help adjust any overly protective or territorial tendencies. Once trained, they need to be periodically reminded of the rules.

Great Danes need regular brushing and grooming. Since their size makes them difficult to bathe, regular inspections of the feet, ears, nose and eyes will also keep them tidy week-to-week.

A healthy Great Dane can live as long as 13 years (the average live around 9 years). Common health issues include: hip dysplasia, bloat and congenital heart disease.

Great Dane History

In 400 A.D., Asiatic tribes with enormous, mastiff-like dogs invaded Germany. Over the centuries, these dogs proved their mettle and toughness by fighting wild boars, bears and other large beasts. The Great Dane (originally called the Deutsche Dogge), evolved when these dogs were bred with other breeds like Irish Greyhounds. First displayed in Germany in the mid-1800s, the Great Dane was popularized in the U.S. after the Great Dane Club of America was founded in 1889.

The Look of a Great Dane

Great Danes have tall, powerful yet elegant frames. They have long, narrow heads with large nostrils and erect ears. Their eyes are dark, round and have an alert gaze. They have long necks, straight legs and chiseled bodies, medium-length tails and round feet. Their coats are thick, glossy and close fitting. Great Danes can come in fawn, brindle, black, blue, harlequin (white with black patches),mantle and merle. Overall, Great Danes look proportioned, dignified and powerful.

Talk About Great Danes 

The bigger the breed, the bigger the brain

I am the proud parent of Odin, a Harlequin Great Dane. He is extremely intelligent and is fun-loving and full of energy. He gets along with our cats -- and this is all coming from a dog that was abused as a pup.

When we were given the opportunity to adopt him from his breeder, we had just lost our Great Dane fawns. They were beautiful rescue dogs who lived to 10 and almost 11 years old. Odin loves car rides, and everyone comments on how handsome he is. He has one blue eye and one hazel eye with all his spots.

He's great with the young and old. I would trust him with a baby around. He does not jump on anyone, and if you are looking for a dog that is loyal and protective, this is your dog.

Would you rather a poodle have your back or a Great Dane? Hmm ... I will take my Great Dane! Overall, they are hams and I can't think of a better breed. The bigger the breed, the bigger the brain. Look at all the cartoons: Scooby Doo and Marmaduke. Need I say more? :)

~Dawn K., owner of a Great Dane

Great Danes are great dogs

The personality of the Great Dane is like no other. They are, above all else, entertaining. These dogs are able to fit comfortably into nearly any environment. They will assume the energy of their environment and are happiest when their people are happy. I have been a proud owner since 2001 and I still look forward to every moment with my Great Danes. But note that these guys do not do well in stressful situations.

~Deb W., owner of two Great Danes and a Boxer