Brittany Dogs

Brittanys are charming, gentle and personable members of the household. Except for the Golden Retriever, you would be hard-pressed to find a more personable family dog. Lively and fun, Brittanys are always up for a roll on the carpet, a game in the back yard or a cuddle on the couch.


Brittany Pictures

  • Brittany dog named Bailey
  • Brittany dog named Blossom
  • Brittany dog named Reilly
  • Brittany dog named Bandit
  • Brittany dog named Geo (10/01/2001 - 11/09/2014)
  • Brittany dog named Penny
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Quick Facts

  • 28 - 33 pounds
  • 17 - 21 inches

Ideal Human Companions

    • Families
    • Singles
    • Retirees
    • Loving, sensitive people

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Trademark Traits

    • Lively and energetic
    • Gentle and kind
    • Trainable
    • Intelligent
    • Curious
    • Polite

What They Are Like to Live With

These dogs are also very welcoming. They get along with everyone in the family, including children and other dogs. And when guests come over, they can really turn on the charm.

Brittanys are eager to please and easy to train. If you’re into obedience competitions or hunting, these dogs will quickly learn commands and perform them exceptionally. And if you’re into outdoor exercise, Brittanys are the perfect jogging companion.

Things You Should Know

Brittanys are people-oriented dogs. They shouldn’t be left alone in the house or yard for long stretches of time. If they become bored or neglected, they might dig up the garden, chew furniture legs or get into other kinds of trouble.

As domesticated and family-oriented as these dogs are, they have strong hunting instincts. When Brittanys are out on a hike or in the country, squirrels and other critters can easily distract them. And they love to roam. So, keep them on a leash if you go jogging through a bird sanctuary.

A healthy Brittany can live as long as 12 years. The Brittany is a healthy breed, but some common health issues include hip dysplasia and epilepsy. These dogs are fairly easy to groom. Just remember to clean their ears regularly to prevent infection.

Brittany History

Named for the French province where they originated, Brittanys were bred to be the quintessential bird dog. It is believed that, during the early years, some Brittanys mixed with Welsh Springer Spaniels, or at least followed the same breeding path. Called “French Spaniels” for many years, the Brittany was first recognized as a distinct breed in 1907. Today, they are celebrated around the world as successful show dogs, hunters and beloved companions.

The Look of a Brittany

Brittanys are medium-sized, compact dogs with long legs and slightly feathered coats. Their heads are medium-length with rounded skulls, tapered muzzles and short triangular ears that hang close to the face. Their deeply set, amber eyes have a wise and alert expression. With sloping shoulders and deep chests, Brittanys exhibit poise and strength. Their tails are either very short or non-existent, and their thick, wavy or flat coats can come in orange & white or liver & white. Overall, the Brittany combines toughness and agility.

Talk About Brittanys 

You can't be a couch potato

I've read everywhere that the breed standard size is 30-35 pounds. I have yet to hear of anyone else with a Brit that size (most we've heard of are over 40 pounds). My own big boy, Husker, just turned a year and is about 53 pounds (just under the size of our Golden, Gennie), and he is not fat at all.

Please note, these guys require A LOT of exercise! A simple walk around the block once a day is not enough for these energetic bundles of fur! If you are a couch potato, this may not be the dog for you, especially during the puppy phase. As he approached the one-year mark, we did notice a mellowing of his energy.

While they are eager to learn, they do require a firm but gentle hand during training. We didn't realize this early on, and it made training him a bit difficult. Even so, he has brought more joy into our home than we could have ever imagined! He is one of the most expressive dogs I've ever seen, and not a day goes by that he doesn't just crack us up in some way.

~Tina K, owner of a Brittany

Intelligent little shadow

Our little girl, Putsy, loves to please. She was very easy to train and housebreak! This breed loves to learn and show off.

As with most Brittanys, she is very affectionate and cannot stand to be left alone for too long. We experienced the drestructive chewing and barking in her earlier years. You need to be firm but gentle with training with this breed, as they tend to sort of shut down if you are not calm.

This is a great family dog as long as you expose yours to various people and animals from puppyhood and give them daily vigorous exercise. All in all, she's my little loving shadow and is faithfully at my side for laundry, gardening, watching TV, and everything in between!

~Meaghan L., owner of a Brittany