how to adopt a dog

i like dog very much

Asked by Member 916833 on Nov 15th 2009 in Adoption & Rescue
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This would depend upon where you wish to adopt a dog from. From a shelter? From a rescue group? From an individual? From the dogs listed at this website? Or do you wish to purchase a dog from a breeder?
If from a shelter:
Usually you can choose a dog and must fill out a form, as well an answer a few questions. There is a fee ranging from $50 to $200 or perhaps a bit more. The shelter in my area charges $80 for a young dog.
Some shelters have a *something* of a first come first serve policy.

If from a rescue group:
From what I understand, a more rigorous adoption process than from a shelter. You must fill out a questionare, and you are less likely to get the dog you want since they have only a handful of dogs and a bunch of people wanting them. Plus, I believe the homes are usually chosen by who would provide the best home rather than first come first serve.

From an individual:
Depends. Some have terms, some do not. Many individuals advertise the dogs they are "getting rid of" in the newspaper.

If from the dogs listed on this website:
For the adoptable dogs you click on "contact the guardian about about adoptiong this dog" and go from there. No one on this site is allowed to SELL their dogs, so unless the dog is listed as part of a shelter or rescue group, it should not cost you anything to adopt any particular dog off of here.

If purchasing from a breeder:
A good breeder won't sell to just anyone. They want the best for their dogs. They will have a contract having, among many other things, a spay/neuter contract and that if you cannot keept the dog to return it to them. When looking for a breeder to buy from, it's important to do your research as to what to look for in a breeder.
My website is about this:
~Tiffany, breeder-in-training

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first make sure that you have the ability to properly take care of a dog (food, vet, shots, etc.). Then think about what size you want the dog to be full grown (especially when getting a puppy who isn't full grown). Make sure you know the adult size of any dog you think of adopting. Then there are many places to adopt dogs. If you go to a breeder you're going to pay a lot more. Shelters and rescue groups are some of the best places to look. There are also dogs on dogster and if you go to you can find dogs in the pet section. Though I would suggest that you get a full background on any dog you check out online and visit the dog before agreeing to adopt. I got lucky with a dog on craigslist, but people don't tell the truth all the time. I had major issues with my dog when I first got her and now just have to deal with her being super timid. Whatever you decide, good luck and I hope you get the perfect dog for you.

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