Gray Dawn Treader

heart murmur/enlarged heart & meds?

A while back Treader was prescribed VetMedin for a heart murmur. A few weeks ago he was put on a second med for blood pressure. (This being prescribed after like the fourth visit to do with Treader's persistent coughing.)
He began coughing/hacking around September of last year, went to the vet in November and they ran some tests and said he definitely was not in heart failure. Still, the cough is pretty persistent. It got worse for a while, and became a honking cough...I went back twice and he was given antibiotics both times, which seemed to reduce the cough. He still has the cough, but it's not as bad as it was at that one point.

A friend told me to look up Vetri-Science Cardio Strength Heart Support Formula on Amazon, maybe talk to my vet about going to that.
One of the reviews on this med said that they took their dog to another place and that vet told them that VetMedin isn't going to do anything for dogs with a heart murmur, it just stabilizes dogs that are in later stage CHF.

So....Iunno....thoughts? Should I talk to the vet about switching up the medication?

Asked by Gray Dawn Treader on Mar 30th 2016 in Medications
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